Efe Iserhienrhien

chairman Rosefe  Services

Ignite Startupx Leadership and Entrepreneurship Training Programme.

I enrolled for the Six months programme  because the name of Stephen Osawaru was associated with it.  As a result of the training,  my level of self discipline has been raised. I am happy to say I didn’t miss any class while the programme lasted. Leadership indeed is influence and I am happy to have been influenced by no less personalities like  Dr. Otivie, Dr. Obayuwana and Bishop Feb Idahosa to mention but a few. My life has not remained the same since it was impacted by these great teachers. On the business side, the programme afforded opportunities for networking and collaboration amongst fellow leaders in training. The book  review was inspiring and the  corporate social responsibility (CSR) gave a  platform to give back to the society.

Overall, the  programme which was free(unbelievable)was a rekindling experience and I am eternally grateful to the organisers.

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