Leadership, Entrepreneurship And Development Programme (L.E.A.D)

LEAD is a biannual business, leadership and development programme schedule to train 10,000 youths and startups annually in business management skill and leadership in partnership with African Centre For Leadership, Strategy and Development.

Start up Incubation Services

Start Up support services will be offered to Edo Start Ups with the following; Grant application and opportunity sharing, Business plan/proposal and research, Business registration with accredited lawyer to sign on the limited and others, N2m worth of free resources in our E-library.

STARTUPS Mentorship Programme

This is the mentorship platform for Start Ups in every area, connected with an industry expert and successful entrepreneur for mentorship. There shall be Start Ups meet-ups with mentors once a month both online and offline.

Ignite Startupx is a program designed to accelerate the successful development of entrepreneurial companies of Start Ups in Nigerian through an array of business support resources and services, which are developed and orchestrated by our team of experts.

Ignite Startupx is set to incubate, accelerate and train business leaders and start Ups by attempting to unravel the complexity of leadership, business and offering a framework that will help people to become great business leaders.

At the end, we hope to produce business leaders who will know how to mobilize others to get extra-ordinary things done in organizations and nations. They should now be able to transform values into actions; visions into realities; obstacles into innovations; separateness into solidarity and risks into rewards. The initiative is meant for people who are motivated to become business leaders and want tools to become dynamic, strategic and visionary leaders that will transform organizations and our nation.

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