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Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development

“Ignite Startupx is set to incubate, accelerate and train business leaders and start Ups by attempting to unravel the complexity of leadership, business and offering a framework that will help people to become great business leaders.”

Stephen Osawaru, CEO.

Who We Are

At Ignite Startupx,

we facilitate access to personalized mentorship plus a seasoned advisory service. This helps to build the capacity of the startup owners/founders and prepare them for a successful management of their companies. As regard challenges with infrastructure, we offer free office spaces to startups in our incubator thereby helping them to shoulder the responsibility of providing infrastructure for their new businesses. This works to reduce the high cost of doing business especially at the startup stage of the business.


Nigeria which is probably the richest country in Africa both in terms of human and natural resources has not been able to use these resources to achieve commensurate progress and development due to shortfalls in value orientation and value systems. Specifically, one of the reasons for the dislocation between resource potential and human achievement is simply a lack of genuine direction or articulation of the energy, vitality, creativity and potential of its youths. The youth form a bulk of the majority of the citizens. According to Sule-Kano (2002:2-6) the youth constitute 42% of the national population. These are persons between 15-39years of age.

The corollary of the above is that in the long run we are building a generation of unhappy, underemployed, underdeveloped, and unsecured workforce who cannot perform to their fullest potential.


This programme has huge potential. Together with business, research and academia we are creating a vital resource which will help to drive economic growth by closing the gap between concept and commercialization and enhancing innovation in specific technological areas and business for years to come.

It aims to accelerate business innovation by building a bridge between the University and the companies, large and small, which are ambitious for growth in Africa. This is a fast-paced initiative with long-term benefit. Focusing on a small number of areas, it will harness the University’s strengths, build capacity and generate the critical mass needed to compete effectively in global value chains and high growth markets.

The Business hub/Incubation centre will stimulate innovation, accelerate growth and anchor high value development activity in Africa. It will make world-leading research and technologies available in a way that African businesses can engage with, in a professional and entrepreneurial environment. Using these technologies and resources, business will be able to develop new products and services more rapidly and effectively.

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